This inventory and account relate to Catherine Enys.

Inventories and valuations of household goods under will of Catherine Enys

Inventories and valuations of household goods, horses and carriages, silver and plated articles under will of Catherine Enys deceased with covering letter from W J Johns of Truro, valuer, to J D Enys.

“Inventories –valuation for probate. 1894. Catherine Enys.
Covering letter from William.J.Johns Auctioneer and valuer.Offices at Edward Street,Truro. Addressed to Mr John.D.Enys,’the prices fixed as you are in no doubt aware are considerably less than the actual value’.
Horses and Carriages.
2 Black Horses called George and Punch.
Set of double harness.
Brougham and Victoria carriages.
Valued at £86 6s.
Spoons, salt pots, sauce boats, ladles, forks, sugar tongs, wine labels, Indian tea-set and salver.
Valued at £65 16s 3d
Silver (Plated)
Toast racks, spoons, wine strainer ,sugar tongs, nut crackers, fish slice, ladles, wine labels, side dishes, decanters, candelabra, tea-pots, coffee-pots, snuff box, hot water kettle and stand, milk cups and sugar pots.
Value £31. 3s
Household Furniture.
Drawing Room.
Table made in New Zealand, round work table, table with metal top, fancy box, Chinese card box and contents, high back carved chair, Chinese tea-pot, Chinese cabinet, Peacock fire screens, carved writing desk, bookstand, cedar wood workbox, carriage clock, portrait of Queen Victoria and portrait of Davies Gilbert(her father),flower vase,2 watercolours(scenes in New Zealand)cliff scenery by Mrs Brune +copy by Mr Gilbert, Dresden flower vase,4 Wedgewood plaques, ornament(rabbits),2 portraits in case,4 photo albums, watercolour by Miss Fox, pair of Florentine vases,19 pieces of ‘Crown Derby’,3 Capi-de-Monte, path and tree flower ornament,2 plaques by Mrs Williams, a possum rug,6 portfolio and drawings(photo book)portrait of Opie by himself portrait of a Jew and portrait of Mr Gilbert both by Opie, bust of Mr Gilbert, engraving ‘Distinguished Men of Science and writing table in cedar.
(the artist John Opie known as The Cornish Wonder)The painting of ‘An Old Jew ‘was purchased by Catherine’s father Davies Gilbert. It was displayed in Truro Museum before being sold by the Enys family in 2004.

The Late Mrs Enys Bedroom.
Mahogany wardrobe,4 post bed stand and drapery, wire mattress, hair mattress, mahogany dressing table and tri glass, pin tray, hat stands, mahogany washstand and cabinet, toilet ware glass and medicine chest, mahogany Pembroke salle, drawers, towel rail fire screen, Chinese cabinet, pair ottomans,2 boxes, Rosewood writing desk, medicine box ,large vase(imperfect),Rosewood occasional table, wicker chair and cushion, folding chair, child’s chair, fender, Rosewood inlaid writing desk,2 Mahogany chairs, handball and sundries in tray, bronze stand,2 glove boxes, drawers of cabinet, pair of china candlesticks, vases ,flower of pills,carpet,2 rugs,13 pictures(various),folding chair, mahogany table, Windsor Drapery,3 hemp mats, portfolio of 18 watercolours, Sunday lace, Grebe feather set, Sunday wearing apparel.
Cameo Brooch, gold watch, carbuncle brooch, gold locket, gold seal(crest),3 gold brooches, gold bracelet and locket, bracelet and brooch, locket and earrings, gold brooch and earrings, gold Carnelian necklet, pearl necklet and earrings, gold carbuncle necklet,3 gold topaz bracelets, enamelled(gold pearl necklet),gold locket, gold cameo brooch, gold emerald brooch, gold diamond and topaz brooch, gold chain bracelet, pearl bracelet and brooch, brooch(black),diamond locket and chain, diamond small brooch, amethyst brooch, diamond and pearl bracelet(fasteners),pearl bracelet, black and gold brooch, diamond ring, diamond half-hoopx2,topaz ring, diamond and amethyst ring,2 pearl rings, diamond and emerald ringx2,1 given to Frances Gilbert Enys,(son)3 other rings given to John Davies Enys(son),gold watch and chain, watch, gold earrings,7 brooches and opera glasses.
2 small portraits,landscapes,4 watercolours, landscape, portrait of a girl, portrait of Mr John Enys(son),portrait of the late Mr John Davies Gilbert(brother),portrait of the late Mrs Henry Rogers(daughter),3 watercolours and sundries.
Set of imitation Wedgewood, pair of vasesx2,tea-pot,pair of flower dishes, pair of large vases, china inkstand and dish,3 small china basins, large bowl, Chinese saucer, cup and saucer, china mug(Plymouth)soup basin, china mug, cup and saucer(Bullock)15 odd cups and saucers, basin and stand.
10 volumes of Chambers Encyclopaedia.
5 volumes Life of Prince.
2 volumes Life of Christ.
1 volume Life of Brunel.
4 volumes Gilberts History of Cornwall.
250 Sundry books (miscellaneous subjects)
200 Lending Library to employees.
Horses £86 6s
Silver £65 16s
Plated Silver £31 3s
Household £208 12s
Total £391 17s”

Account of executors of Catherine Enys with the trustees of her marriage settlement

The Executors of Mrs Catherine Enys deceased, in account with the trustees of Mrs Enys marriage settlement.
Received from the said trustees.
January-Dividend on £21,677 15s 4d Consolidated Bank Annuities £144 13 09
February-Proceeds of sale of £600 Consolidated Bank Annuities £592 09 00
April-Dividend on £21,077 15s 4d Consolidated Bank Annuities £140 13 08
Paid to Miss Mary Ann Enys (daughter) proportion of January dividend to date of Mrs Enys’ death. £109.14s Paid probate and estate duties of £10,857 that part of the Trust funds over which Mrs Enys had a general power of appointment £436.
Paid brokers commission £13 3s 6d on transfers of
£10,538 17s 8d consols to Mr John Davies Enys
£5,269 8s 10d consols to Miss Mary Ann Enys
£5,269 8s 10d consols to trustees of Mrs Rogers settlement (daughter Jane, deceased)
Messers Smith Paul and Archers charges in relation to winding up the trust estate. £20 2s 6d
Balance £298 16s 5d
Total £877 16s 5d
Balance divided as follows viz
Mr John Davies Enys 2/4ths £144 8s 2d
Miss Mary Ann Enys £ 77 4s 1d
Trustees for Mrs Rogers settlement £ 77 4s 1d “

Transcribed by Karen Tuplin



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