Codicil to Valentine Enys’ will, 1711

The Codicil to Valentine Enys’ Will dated seventh May 1711 which is written on the reverse of his will and when he refers to ‘tother side’ he is referring to his will. 

I doe confirm whats writt on the other side to be my last Will and Testament

Witness my hand and soul this seventh day of May 1711 –

Witness                                                             Valentine Enys

Grace Norris

Thomas Gross

Joan Higman

 April ye 7th 1716 Memorandums for my Heir and nephew Samuell Ennys , viz What relates to our kinsman Edward Ennys in my Will on ye other side must be void seeing he designes not to return to the Canaryes, and such Debts as I have there belong to you as my Heir:  I am now endeavouring to put them to rights, haveing received coppyes of the Obligation left in ye hands of Dr Gonsalo Machado in Theneriff (Tenerife), who delivered the originalls to Mr Thomas Wadding Mercht. (merchant) on ye same island by my Order. In said mr Waddings hands are ye Originalls to this day.

 In lieu of ye Legacy ordained for Edward Ennys our Kinsman on tother side, yo [you] must (He surviveing me) give him out of my Estate one hundred pounds or ten pounds yearly as long as he lives, which he pleaseth.

 Cossen Grace Norris who hath, & is now living with me, to whome I have yearly given five pounds as a gratuity for her yearly service, she being a poor Relation, & little or nothing to subsist on, If she survives me, you must give her out of my Estate fifty pounds or five pounds yearly as long as she lives – and the legacy on tother side to stand voyd –

 Cos. Eliza Catelion is to have her legacy mentioned in my Will and I pardon her and her Husband what they owe me by my bookes.

 Mr Waddon, Father to my Servant or Apprentice Denys Waddon was to give me one hundred pounds with his son of which summ I have received only fifty pounds to this day 7th April 1716 Iif I dye before his apprenticeship expires, the lawfull Custome betwixt Masters and apprentices in such case must be observed & fullfilled.

 The same by Benjamin Rogers, from whose mother I have recd one hundred guineas being in full what was agreed on I should have with him which will appear by my receit, and mentioned in his Indenture.

 Whereas on tother side I have given to my kinswoman Mrs Jane Norris tenn pounds yearly as long as she lives, I doe now order it shall be only eight pounds yearly for her life.

 Whereas on tother side, I have given my Neece Eliza. Warron one hundred pounds I now order it shall be only fifety pounds under the same circumstances because I have had lately costs and my estate decreased.

  Whereas on tother side I have given Thomas Grosse a legacy of twenty pounds, I doe now make that void, he being now in a faire way to get his own livelyhood.

 The hundred pounds I have given or [our] Kinsman Edward Ennys if he survives me I now make voyde Because I have supplyed him with severall summs since to disengage him of debts and incumbrances he lay under and now I only bequeave him a mourning suit and a gold ring if he survives me.

I doe bequeave to my maid servant Joan Higman now living with me tenn pounds & mourning If she continues in my service at my death, I mean the mourning, but the tenn pounds I give her tho she leaves my service, and what wages due to her at ye rate of three pounds yearly

 Xbr [December]3rd 1718

 Valentine Ennys

 Part of EN/872

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