Extracts from the Inventories and Valuations of the Household Furniture Plate and the Live and Dead Stock at Enys.

Extracts of the Inventories and Valuations of the Household Furniture Plate and the Live and Dead Stock at Enys.

Taken by Joseph Tregoning Auctioneer of Truro in April 1821 on the death of Francis Enys Esq.


Kitchen £31.11.6

Scullery £9.7.6

Store Room £2.16.0

Larder £2.14.00

Housekeepers Room and Closet therein £11.8.6

Servants Hall £2.4.6

China Room £37.10.6 + Sundries in China Room £3.14.0 Pewter with Family Crest £8.

Pantry £9.2.00 Plate £699.12 Glass £22.8.00

Little Parlour £22.2.6

Entrance Hall £47.19.00

Drawing Room £95.17.6

Passage and Recess adjoining the Drawing Room £2 Plated Wares £62.6

Dining Parlour £47.9.6

Library Furniture £27.10.6

Brown Bed Room Dressing Room adjoining Brown Bed Room £32.11

White Room £29.2

Mr John Enys’s Room (must be John Samuel) £14.1

Col Enys’s Room and Dressing Room (he had died in 1818) £38.15

Mrs Enys’s Room (must be Luce Ann, previously Hunt) £28.15.6

Young Ladies Room (must be Jane and Frances Ann,Luce Ann’s daughters) £27.18.6

Miss James’s Room £26.17(maybe a nurse. She is mentioned in his Will) £26.17

Mr Enys’s Room (must be Francis, the deceased) £31.8.6

Ladies Maids Room £6.7.6

Housekeepers Room £18.15.6

Servants Double Bedded Room left of the passage £15.2

Servants Double Bedded Room right of the passage £8.8s

Butlers Room £9.11.6

Gardeners Room £6.18

Coachman’s Room £8.8.6

Maids Room £11.7s

Spare Bed Room £6.10

Passages £21.5.6

Lumber Room £8.14.6

Office £9.9.6

Dairy Kitchen 17s6d

Dairy £4.2.6

Laundry £10.13s

Wash Kitchen £5.13.6

Coach House £70.5.6

Stables £48.0.6

Brewery £22.4.0

Beer Cellar £92.10.0

Wine Cellar £250

Library Books £557.  Prints in portfolios and a large Atlas £2.12.6

Linen £62.8.6

Farm Stock

Dead Stock £213.1.6

Live Farm Stock £389.11

Horses, Carriages in Coach house Stables £118.6.0

Some of the contents of the house included, 50 plain sheets,30 pillowcases,150 towels,10 butts of beer,38dozen wine bottles ,a glass for Golden fish, Billiard table, an old commode fronted mahogany sofa, family pictures a portrait of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, and a tin bathing machine.

Farm stock included, 52 ewes, 50 lambs 3 heifers, 2 steers, 57 young sheep, turkies, geese, ducks 10 pigs, a bull, 4 oxen, 6 milk cows and 5 yearlings of a calf.

In the stables, 4 coach horses and a pony.

In the coach house a donkey carr and harness, 1 horse carriage, a coach and landau and a bath chair.

Document EN 917

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