Francis Gilbert Enys (1836-1906)

Francis Gilbert Enys was born in 1836, the eldest son of John Samuel Enys and Catherine (daughter of Davies Gilbert).  Born at Enys, he was educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge. He became a Justice of the Peace and was made Special Deputy Warden of the Stannaries and Sheriff of Cornwall on February 4, 1876.

Francis collected together an album of  information about his grandmother, Mary Ann Gilbert and her pleas for social reform for the labouring classes (see CRO document EN/1924).  Another document also reveals that he gifted land for the new churchyard at Gerrans in 1887 (EN/397).

Francis was an executor for his father upon his death in 1872, when he inherited the estate. Francis died in 1906 after being badly burned in a gas explosion at a hotel in London. The Royal Cornwall Gazette recorded that he ‘went into his sitting-room to light the gas, and striking a match there was a report like a gun, and the whole place was filled with smoke and fire’ [July 19, 1906]. As he died without issue, the estate passed to his brother, John Davies Enys.

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