John Samuel Enys, 1796-1872

The son of Lucy Anne Enys and Samuel Oliver Hunt, he inherited the estate after his mother changed her and her children’s surnames to her maiden name, Enys, in 1813.

John Samuel married Catherine, daughter of engineer, author and politician, Davies Gilbert on April 17, 1834 and they had five children [CRO reference: DG/23]. He was executor of his great uncle, Francis Enys’, will and inherited the estate from him. John Samuel published many journal articles on steam engines and shipping [source: Bibliotheca Cornubiensis]. He was also High Sheriff of Cornwall in 1824, and a trustee of Truro Turnpike in 1828 [CRO reference: AD81/38].

Cornwall Record Office holds a memoir of his life, reference EN/2518/3.

Further reading

Enys Project volunteers have transcribed documents from the Enys collection. Click the link below to access those related to John Samuel Enys.

EN/851, EN/860 Pre-nuptial marriage settlement of John S Enys and Catherine Gilbert, 1834 and Release, marriage settlement, John S Enys and Catherine Gilbert, 1894

EN/109, Conveyance, land in St Gluvias, Gunwalloe and Penryn, 1834



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