Captain Henry Rogers, 1824-1912

Captain Henry Rogers was born in Mawnan rectory, the son of Reverend John Rogers. He joined the Royal Navy and took part in the opium war in China in 1842, the 1854 bombardment of Odessa (in the Crimean war) and was heavily involved in the suppression of the slave trade off the coast of Africa between 1843-1850. This work involved intercepting slave ships and releasing slaves, as well as a trip up the Congo river.

He married Jane Mary Enys in 1860 and they had eight surviving children, one of whom, Enys Henry, inherited the Enys estate. Captain Henry was invalided out of the Navy in 1865 after being incapacitated by a falling chain, after this he became a vicar’s warden in Mannamead, Devon. After Jane Mary Enys died in 1874, Henry remarried and had a further six children. Captain Rogers died, aged 87, in 1912.

Source: Western Morning News obituary, November 27, 1912







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