As part of the Project, a range of educational activities have been designed for use in schools or more informal educational settings. There are two downloadable activity packs and a resource on the theme of Cornish Language and Identity, which can also be borrowed from the Record Office.

Activity Packs

These activity packs consist of PowerPoint presentations and documents which can be downloaded from the website. One focuses on the role of the Enys family in the British civil wars for Key Stage 3; the other is an introduction to heraldry, aimed at Key Stage 2.

Cornish Language and Identity Loans Resource

This resource, although partly downloadable, was designed to be borrowed (for free) from Cornwall Record Office. It consists of five activities, focusing on designing flags, coats of arms and language, as well as looking at Cornish place names and an important Cornish language revivalist called William Scawen. Click the link above for more information. To request the resource, call or e mail 01872 323127,




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