Lucy Anne Enys, 1773- 1857

Lucy Anne Enys was born in 1773 at Enys. She was the daughter of Samuel Enys and Sarah Penrose.

She married Samuel Oliver Hunt (born 1771, Stratford upon Avon) on July 14, 1794; his father William was a solicitor and a town clerk. After Lucy Anne and Samuel’s wedding, they lived at Houndshill in Worcester. Samuel died in 1801 aged only 29 years, leaving a widowed Lucy Anne with three young children. She went to live in Bath and eventually came back to Cornwall with her daughter, Jane Enys. They lived at Gwarder, near Enys.

In 1813 Lucy Anne Hunt and her children, John Samuel, Jane and Frances Anne took the surname Enys having been granted the authority by His Majesty’s royal licence. When Francis Enys – the current estate holder – died in 1821 he left the Enys estate to his nephew, John Samuel Enys. Lucy Anne Enys died in 1857 and is buried in St Gluvias churchyard.

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Lucy Anne Enys

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