William Enys

William was the son of John de Enys. By deed at Penryn dated 1399-1400, he enfeoffed [gave ownership to] Henry Bray, vicar of St Hilary, all his dwellings and land in Enys for two years. Afterwards the dwellings and land passed to William, and his wife, Joan Bercle’s, children.

 Further reading

“William Enys by Deed dated at Penrynburgh on Sunday next after the Feast of the Translation of St Thomas the Martyr 1 Henry A1399 he enfeoffed Henry Bray Vicar of St Hillary of All his Messuages Lands &c in the Vill of Enys for two years and after that Term to the Heirs of the Grantor to be pro created of the Body of John Bercle forever.” (From EN/1891)











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