The Enys Project

The grant for the project enabled Cornwall Record Office to buy the Enys collection, which could have been broken up and sold off to various different buyers. Along with the purchase of this fantastic collection were many other strands, including working with a Cub Scout group and Penryn College to make films, using the Cornish language materials  to create a schools resource and holding heritage talks, walks and days out. Click here to find out more about these events. One key element of the project was the research and transcription work carried out by groups of volunteers.
Two groups met weekly in Penryn and St Agnes, researching, transcribing and investigating the fascinating stories found in the Enys Archive.
The Penryn group investigated a number of interesting areas of the collection including:
  • The Manor at Winnington
  • The eighteenth century Enys estate manager, Mr Warren
  • Eighteenth century marriage settlements and agreements
  • Borlase’s early Cornish language text.
The St Agnes group met once a week  at the Miners Mechanic Institute in St Agnes and focused on:
  • The Tonkin/Enys court case
  • The Kent and Williams family and Mingoose
  • Houses from the Enys estate in St Agnes.
After researching the documents the volunteers made transcripts and some wrote articles to demonstrate their research. Transcripts can be found through the individual biographies of family members, and articles can be found here.
Although the volunteer sessions were wound up in February 2012 with the end of the project, if you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities related to Cornwall’s history and heritage please visit the Cornwall Record Office website.



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