Samuel Enys 1611-1697

Samuel Enys was the third son of John Enys and Wynifrid Rise. He was sent to Spain to learn to become a merchant. On his brief return in 1642 he was able to lend money to his elder brother and father before returning abroad for the duration of the British civil wars (although he was keen to prove his royalist credentials after the 1660 restoration). Upon his return he bought the Enys estate from his elder brother, which ensured that his children would inherit it in future. He also built himself a new house, at Summercourt in Penryn, a drawing of which survives (CRO reference: EN/2970).

As well as his trading fortune, Samuel married well, choosing Elizabeth Pendarves as his bride, in 1647. Her family were some of the wealthiest landowners in the area having bought up many of the Glasney lands after the Reformation. Samuel first sent ships to trade Canary wine in 1648 and trained all four of his sons (three of whom survived him) as merchants.

Information from Cornwall, The Canaries and The Atlantic: the letter book of Valentine Enys, 1704-1719, ed. June Palmer (1997)

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