John Davies Enys, 1837-1912

John Davies Enys was the second son of John Samuel Enys and Catherine.

In 1861 he went to New Zealand with a cousin and shortly after was joined by his brother, Charles. He was taught farming by some cousins – the Tripps – before John Davies and Charles took up the Castle Hill Station in Canterbury, N.Z.. John Davies was a keen botanist and geologist, and played an important role in local affairs, being elected to the Canterbury Provincial Council in 1870. When Charles fell ill and returned to England, John Davies sold Castle Hill Station and accompanied him home, bringing back plants to create a New Zealand garden on the estate.

John Davies inherited the estate upon the death of his brother, Francis Gilbert Enys, in 1906. He collected some of the key materials in the Enys collection. When John Davies died six years later, also without issue, the estate passed to his nephew, Enys Henry Rogers (aka Enys Henry Enys).

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