The Enys Estate

The estate grew from modest beginnings around Enys in the parish of St Gluvias in the 14th century.  At its height the family owned property in over 30 parishes in Cornwall and they profited from the rent of sizeable properties.  Their manorial and estate records are a rich source of information for local places, businesses and people.  There are over 1300 property related documents listed in the catalogue. Title deeds, for example, of which there are hundreds, contain a huge amount of detailed information on properties and individuals.

 The collection also includes records related to the management of the house, gardens and farm at Enys during the 18th and 19th century. These include building records, plans and housekeeping accounts are full of detail about the names of labourers and servants, what they were paid and where they lived, as well as costs and fashions in contemporary architecture, food and fashion.

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