Here is a small selection of photographs from the Enys collection. There are many more of Cornwall’s historic houses as well as gardens and scenes from places around the world. None of the photographs are dated but it seems most likely that they are primarily late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

EN/1913/4/2 Photograph, graves of Catherine and Charles Enys

EN/1913/4/3 Photograph of Francis Gilbert Enys

EN/1913/4/6 Photograph, Miss Mary Anne Enys

EN/1913/4/42 Photograph, possibly Frank or JD Enys with driver, in a horsedrawn coach

EN/1913/4/48 Photographs, Opening the road to Kai Kara from Wairou, New Zealand

EN/1913/6/63 Photograph, fall at pool, Bealey Pass, Canterbury, New Zealand

EN/1913/9/2 Photograph, Lincoln Agriculture College, Canterbury, New Zealand

EN/1913/7/5 Photograph, Enys House, St Gluvias

EN/1913/7/6 Photograph, Enys House, St Gluvias

EN/1913/7/7 Photograph, Enys House, St Gluvias

EN/1913/7/8 Photograph, Enys House, St Gluvias




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